Specified Commercial Transactions Law

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Higashikaigankita2-1-39-305 Chigasaki City Kanagawa Prefecture Japan

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If defective or breakage If you receive this product when defective or breakage, please contact us soon. We replace other product re-sent.
Limit of sales volume Nothing
Period of delivery of goods After confirming the your payment settlement,then we will ship the item.(Caution! About 4days from up to 10 days, and ,some residing countries, delivery time will vary.)
Payment methods PayPal
Software operating environment

This DVD is region codes 2.

Browsing or play that can region codes 2 DVD player equipment.

Return policy If defective or breakage this product, please contact us within 7days after you receive. We replace other product re-sent.
Possible repayment date of this product.

Only in this case that damaged or defective product , if you want when within less than one month after your purchase, you can return.


We your information(When you order this product) keep strictly and we will not provide to other without your approval.

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